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Executive Chef Dylan G. Feenkner

Lucy Buffett's LuLu's


"I searched for a good pecan cooking wood supplier for quite a while. It took longer than you may think; as I am very picky about anything that has an impact on our product and was determined to use pecan from our region. Big John's was able to provide me pecan cooking wood properly seasoned, cut to my specifications, and reasonably priced. I have been very happy with their product and customer service. Most importantly the wood was beautiful and imparted a great flavor on everything I prepared with it."


Passionate Grill Master Customer


"I have used this wood with outstanding results while cooking beef, fish and chicken in my smoker. Great taste. To me, PECAN is the perfect wood for meats as it is milder than HICKORY and MESQUITE."

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How should the wood be prepared before cooking?


Soak 4-8 Big John's Pecan wood pieces in water 1 to 24 hours before grilling/smoking. The longer the soak time, the better the flavor. To utilize gas grills, a tin foil boat with slits seems to work the best. 

Can Big John's Cooking Wood be purchased in bulk for my restaurant?

Yes, via freight.  Contact us with your zip code and quantity and we can certainly provide you with a quote.

Can I sell Big John's Cooking Wood

in my store?


 Contact John Vulevich directly at 251-583-7702.

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